Confessions of a Wannabe-Comic Artist
Page 175 is up!

Page 174 is up!
Page 173 is up!

finally working on page 173! coloring. hope to finish today, but its almost midnight, so who knows.

and the first draft sketches are done! some sketches will need more work and i’ll need to find more reffs but at least i now have an ENDING!!

i’m excited! this was my first comic and it felt like it would NEVER end because i could not handle it.

come to think of it, i felt this way in college too. could not see the end and it felt like drowning. if you are in a room, in the dark, you cant tell where the walls are, where the door is. each step feels huge and yet it seams to get you nowhere.

and now the lights are on and i can see the door!

i’m thinking i want to make future comics using only, or as much as i can, wide shot panels. like storyboards for movies.

oh god there is SO much still to learn.

Sats and Suns are days i usually work on comic pages. this time, i’m sketching out all of the last chapter, so no pages for now.

Part Seven, the conclusion.

Part Seven, the conclusion.

Page 171 is up!
Page 170 is up!